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Limited Warranty Disclaimer

At CRONJA, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

We know you have confidence in us as your supplier for cannabis accessories, and we’re committed to upholding that trust. That’s why we’re adding a new comprehensive, one-year warranty to all of our newly purchased CRONJA trays – effective August 6, 2021. 
We stand behind our products. Designed to be by your side wherever the road takes you, we’re proud to deliver the finest craftsmanship and highest quality range of cannabis accessories in the industry.

But we also know things can happen, so we want to ensure you’re covered if that’s ever the case.  

What does this Limited Warranty cover?

For 365 days from purchase, your CRONJA products are covered for any issues or problems that are the result of manufacturing defects on our end, or abnormal wear and tear that should occur*. 

What will we do to correct problems?

If you have any of these problems, we’ll repair or replace your CRONJA product at no charge to you.  


What do customers need to do to get repairs/service under the warranty?

If you think any of your recent CRONJA products qualify and are in need of replacement under this limited warranty, please reach out and let us know, and we’ll make it right. 
*This warranty covers manufacturer defects and abnormal wear. Normal wear on our products is expected, and not covered under this limited warranty.