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About Us

Music, Fashion, Travel, Art, Culture, Lifestyle, ….Cannabis. They are all intertwined and inevitably connected to each other. We are inspired by the beauty in these things and the shared experiences that enhance our wellbeing.  

CRONJA Culture was born out of the need to express ourselves openly about cannabis use while respecting the culture and history of the plant. Inspired by the tradition of hand rolling-your-own flower, we created our luxury accessories to match the elevated lifestyle.

CRONJA Cases & Trays are designed and hand made in the Los Angeles Fashion District with extreme attention to detail using only the highest quality materials to ensure a premium experience for sophisticated cannaisseurs.

We are a Veteran and Black Owned Business. For generations we have witnessed the stigmatization and persecution of cannabis users, disproportionately in black and brown neighborhoods.  We are committed to helping the cannabis community right the wrongs of the past to achieve the respect and equity deserved by victims of the failed War on Drugs.